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Dec. 22nd, 2007 | 02:59 pm
posted by: nevers in pagesofcups

because it belongs here as well as anywhere, tarot reading i just did, asking how can i heal my shoulders?

questioner = 8 of swords. i am intellectually blind/blindfolded, and there are perils nearby, but there is also a way out. i am stuck. i need to see more clearly.

what crosses (helps or hinders) me = 4 of swords. rest and contemplation are helping me in this situation. i have an inner reserve of strength.

what grounds me or is below the surface or what i dread (this card is so hard to interpret, i think that is why a lot of people don't like this spread) = death. fear that a time is coming to an end to make way for growth. this seems likely and true. no more is the time of feeling invincible, of pushing my body and ignoring its needs.

what crowns me (what i hope to acheive) = hanged man. an intentional suspension/break/rest period that results in a new perspective.

recent past = justice. what i got is fair and what i deserved?

near future = wheel of fortune. something good and unexpected will come and i need to accept it. !?

the way i am likely to act in this situation = queen of swords, cold, calculating, smart, intuitive but self-seeking. i don't know about this. it implies that i will hurt others. who, how? is there any way it can be helpful? like i will FIGURE THIS OUT somehow through sheer intellect and force of will?

people around me = lovers. an opposite that i will be attracted to that can help me. i wonder if this is coming via the wheel of fortune, because i can't think of a person who it would be. i wonder if it will be someone who comes into my life organically or if it could be a doctor or bodyworker of some kind who i need to seek out. or a legitimate lover.

hopes/fears = ten of cups. domestic bliss. the card in this position is always meaningless to me. either i say yes i am scared of that or yes that would be nice. so, yes, domestic bliss would be nice.

final outcome = knight of swords. someone who will come into my life and ruthlessly, suddenly change things, but who ultimately is self-seeking and violent, someone whose visit to my life needs to be short in order for me to be safe. ?? i almost wonder if this could be surgery. direct, literally "cutting," authoritative, logical? yikes. not what i want to hear. what else could it be? somehow the final outcome is all logic and reason, no emotions. that seems surprising since right now i'm really trying to explore the emotional side, ahving given up on logic and reason. i can only think that it will have to do with a new doctor, new diagnosis, or new treatment protocol.

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